Destin Beach Ultra Runs
Also featuring the Son of a Beach 5K & Athlete Challenge
50K, 50M, 24hr, 100M and Team Relay
24hr Sand Run Team Race Entry Raffle for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
You have won the race listed BELOW your name

 Winners (Instructions will be emailed to you by 25 Feb):

1. Catherine Speights (Grand Prize)

-Bryce 100M 2013 (Bryce Canyon, UT, May 31) 

-Run Rabbit Run 100M 2013 (Steamboat, CO, Sep 13) 

-JFK 50 Miler 2013 (Boonsboro, VA, Nov) 

-Blue Sky Marathon 2013 (Ft Collins, CO, Oct)

-Grand Teton Trail Marathon 2013 (Teton Valley, WY, Aug) 

2. Bobbie Glasscock (1st Prize)

-Destin 50 Beach Ultra 2014 (Destin, FL, Feb 16) 

-Angel Fire Endurance Run 100M 2013 (Angel Fire, NM, Jun 22) 

-Entry in ANY Endurance Buzz Adventures 2013 Race (TX)

-Double Dirty Dozen 12hr 2013 (Oklahoma City, OK, Oct) 


4. Myles Mcleod (2rd Prize)

-Stumpjump 50K 2013 (Chattanooga, TN, Oct 5) 

-Duncan Ridge Trail 50K 2013 (Blairsville, GA, Nov 23) 

-Try All By Fire 2013 (Renovo, PA, Aug) 

5. Janette Maas (3rd Prize)

-H.U.R.T. 100M 2014 (Oahu, HI, Jan ) 

-Blue Sky Marathon 2013 (Ft Collins, CO, Oct) 1women

6. Sarah Flores

-Cajun Coyote 100M 2013 (Chicot, LA, Dec) 

7. Michael Harrison

-No Races Ranked, no contact info 

8. Aaron Thompson

-Flagstaff Endurance Runs 50M or 50K 2013 (Flagstaff, AZ, Sep) 

9. Nichole Vild

-Bear Bait Ultramarathons 50M or 50K 2013 (Milton, FL, Nov) 

10. Ryan Burch

-No Rank

11. Aaron Thompson (2nd)

-Citrus Trail 50K 2013 (Inverness, FL, Mar 17)

12. Sarah Flores (2nd)

-Long Haul 100M 2014 (Tampa, FL, Jan) 

13. Jules Mann

-Pigstail Challenge 100M, 150M or 200M 2013 (Renton, WA, May 25) 

14. Phil Canning

-Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race 2013 (Chattanooga, TN, Jun 14-16) 

15. Eric Clifton

-Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra 68M 2013 (Santa Monica Mts, CA, Mar 30)

16. Kathleen Birkholz

-Miwok 100K 2013 (Stinson Beach, CA, May 4) 

17. Joe Fejes

-Palm100K 2013 (Palm Beach, FL, Mar 23) 

18. Joey Schrichte

-Yellowstone-Teton 100M (Yellowston, MT/ID, TBD) 

19. Joe Fejes (2nd)

-Keys100M 2013 (Key West, FL, May 18) 

20. Aaron Thompson (3)

-Bartram 100s 100K or 100M 2013 (Milledgeville, GA, Dec) 

21. Shawn Obrien

-Citrus Trail Marathon 2013 (Inverness, FL, Mar 17)

22. Ann Gwinnup

-OSS/CIA 50M Night Run 2013 (Dumfries, VA, Jun 15) 

23. Joe Fejes (3rd)

- Torreya State Park Draggin' Trail 50K 2013 (Bristol, FL, Apr 6) 

24. N/A

25. Thomas Riley

-Waldo 100K 2013 (Waldo Lake, OR, Aug 17) 

26. Cory Adams

-Bartlett Park Ultras 50K, 40M or 50M 2013 (Memphis, TN, Sep 14) 

27. Kelley Wells

-Northcoast 24hr Endurance Run 2013 (Cleveland, OH, Sep 21) 

28. Keith Gartell

-Badger Mountain Challenge 100M 2014 (Richland, WA, Mar)  

29. Justin Weber

-Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra 2013 (Rocky Mnt, VA, Nov) 

30. Jules Mann (2nd)

-The Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition 2013 (NYC, Jun) 

31. Tom Grant

-No Rank

32. Jules Mann (3rd)

-Mogollon Monster 100M 2013 (Pine, AZ, Sept 28) 

33. Denis Davis

-Lookout Mountain 50 Mile 2013 (Chattanooga, TN, Dec) 

34. Dale Cougot

-Hawk Hundred 100M or 50M 2013 (Clinton Lake, KS, Sep) 

35. Mike Morton

 -BeyondLimits Ultra Race 100M 2013 (Garner Valley, CA, Mar 16) 

36. Sandy Geisel

-No Rank

37. Henery Honeycutt

-No Rank

38. Joe Czabaranek

-Dick Collins Firetrails 50 2013 (Pleasanton, CA, Oct 12) 

39. Shawn Obrien (2nd)

-Bluewater Bay Dualthlon Run/Bike 2013 (Niceville, FL, Feb 23) 

40. Kristopher Whitten

-Scenic City Trail Marathon 2013 (Chattanooga, TN, May 18) 

41. Kevin Collins

-Cajun Coyote 20M 2013 (Ville Platte, LA, Dec) 

42. Larry Kocian

-Cajun Coyote 100K 2013 (Ville Platte, LA, Dec) 

43. Joe Czabaranek (2nd)

-Tallahassee Ultradistance Classic 50M or 50K 2013 (Tallahassee,FL, Dec) 

44. Rebecca Schaefer

-ICY-8 8hr 2014 (Spotsylvania, VA, Jan) 

45. Jim Richards

 -Zion 100M 2013 (Zion, UT, Apr 19) 

46. Joe Czabaranek (3rd)

-Jackson Hole Marathon 2013 (Jackson Hole, WY, Sep) 

47. Shawn Obrien (3rd)

-Citrus Trail Marathon 2013 (Inverness, FL, Mar 17)

48. Kevin Collins (2nd)

-Cremator 50 Mile 2013 (Beufort, SC, Jul) 

49. Dale Cougot (2nd)

-Ghost Train Rail Trail various up to 100M 2013 (Brookline, NH, Oct 26) 

50. Deano Montreuil

-Georgia Death Race 2013 (Blairsville, GA, Mar 16) 

51. Kevin Collins (3rd)

-Black Hills 100M 2013 (Stugis, SD, Jun 29) 

52. N/A

53. N/A

54. Nichole Vild (2nd)

-Operation Endurance 24hr 2013 (Ft Benning, GA, Mar 30) 

55. Jon Kevin Cooper

-Everglades Ultra 50M or 50K 2014 (Everglades City, FL, Feb) 

56. Timothy Purol

-No Rank

57. Dave Cockman

-American River Endurance Run 50M 2013 (Sacramento, CA, Apr 6) 

58. Kristopher Whitten (2nd)

-Charlotte Ultra Run 50K 2014 (Charlotte, NC, Feb) 

59. Justin Weber (2nd)

-Pine Mountain 40 Mile 2013 (Pine Mountain, GA, Dec) 

60. Mike Morton (2nd)

-Outrun 24 Hour Trail 2013 (Kirtland, OH, Apr 27) 

 -Outrun 24 Hour Trail 2013 (Kirtland, OH, Apr 27)  61. Jessica Kurti

-Ride the Wind 100M 2013 (Las Vegas area, NV, Late May)

 62. Carey Clarkson

-Farm Park Challenge 3hr or 6hr 2013 (Derwood, MD, May 4) 

63. N/A

64. Mattew Kerry

-Salt Flats 100 Mile Endurance Run 2013 (Wendover, UT/NV, Apr 26) 

65. Nichole Vild (3rd)

-24-Hour Adventure Trail Run 2013 (Triangle, VA, May 4) 

66. Mike Morton (3rd)

 -Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra 68M 2013 (Santa Monica Mts, CA, Mar 30)

67. Martin Schneekloth

-Coyote Springs 100M 2013 (Coyote Springs, NV, Nov 2) 

68. Sean OH

-Rio Del Lago 2013 (Roseville, CA, Oct 5) 

69. Rose Angry

-Delirium 24 Hour 2014 (Bluffton, SC, Feb)  

70. Larry Kocian (2)

-Tashka 50K 2013 (Coker, AL, Dec) 

71. Justin Weber (3)

 -Mystery Mountain Marathon 2013 (Chatsworth, GA, Oct) 

72. Kirt Moret

-Lake Sonoma 50M 2013 (Sonoma, CA, Apr 13) 

73. Darin Krajewski

-Grand Teton 50M 2013 (Teton Valley, WY, Aug) 

74. Dave Carver

-24 The Hard Way 24hr 2013 (Oklahoma City, OK, Oct)

 75. Leroy Northam

-No Rank

76. Jeff Russell 

-Ruth Anderson 50K, 50M or 100K 2013 (San Fran, CA, Apr 20)

 77. Michelle Matys

-Hinson Lake 24hr 2013 (Rockingham, NC, Sept) 

78. Thomas Riley

-Entry in ANY Endurance Buzz Adventures 2013 Race (TX)

79. Jerod Tufte

-Entry in ANY Endurance Buzz Adventures 2013 Race (TX) 

80. Janette Maas (2)

-Hot to Trot 8 Hour 2013 (Lithia Springs, GA, Aug) 

81. Kurt Moret (2)

-Cool Moon 100M 2013 (Cool, CA, Aug) 

82. Jean Hofschulte

-Entry in ANY Endurance Buzz Adventures 2013 Race (TX) 

83. Jessica Kurti (2)

-Harbison 50K 2014 (Columbia, SC, Jan) 

84. Margaret Curcio

-C&O Canal 100M 2013 (Knoxville, MD, Apr 27) 

85. Sean OH (2)

-Run-de-Vous 50K, 50M or 100M 2013 (San Martin, CA, Aug) 

86. Ken Rubeli

-12-Hour Adventure Trail Run 2013 (Triangle, Va, Sep)  -12-Hour Adventure Trail Run 2013 (Triangle, Va, Sep) 

87. Darin Krajewski (2)

-Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K, 50K, 50M, or 100M 2013 (Layton, UT, Mar 22) 

88. Barry Reed

-Bad Marsh 50K 2013 (Beaufort, SC, Jun 22)

 89,.8989. Joe Edgecombe

-Entry in ANY Endurance Buzz Adventures 2013 Race (TX)

90. Deano Montreuil

 -Columbia SC Full Marathon 2013 (Columbia, SC, Mar 9)

91. Trey Horton

-Mad Marsh 50K 2013 (Beaufort, SC, Nov) 

92. Tim Waz

-Columbia SC Half Marathon 2013 (Columbia, SC, Mar 9) 

ALT: Andy Colee

-Citrus Trail 50K 2013 (Inverness, FL, Mar 17) 



$10 each or 12 for $100 Purchase Tickets

Prizes (over 80 winners!):

Grand Prize- 5 of the following race entries (max of two 100M)

1st Prize- 4 of the following race entries (max of two 100M)

2nd Prize- 3 of the the following race entries (max of one 100M)

3rd Prize- 2 of the following race entries (max of one 100M)

4th-80th+ Prizes- 1 of the following race entries (may win more than once, see rules)

 Thank you to all the races that have donated entries!

Drawing Feb 17th, 2013

100 Mile Races


Less Than 100 Mile Races


-Citrus Trail 50K 2013 (Inverness, FL, Mar 17)  


-Columbia SC Marathon Relay 2013 (Columbia, SC, Mar 9)

-BeyondLimits Ultra Race 50M 2013 (Garner Valley, CA, Mar 16)


-Operation Endurance 24hr 2013 (Georg

-MT. Tammany 10! 40M 2013 (Delaware Water Gap, NJ, Mar 23)




To Purchase Tickets:

1) Go to the 24hr Team Firstgiving Page 

2) Donate the $ amount for the number of tickets you would like to purchase and put 'tickets' or 'raffle' in the comments (DO NOT put ANONYMOUS for your name)

3) Click here to rank your race choices and contact info (This must be completed prior to Feb 16th).

 Rules: Drawing will be held on Feb 17th, 2013 during the Destin 50 Beach Ultra. All tickets purchased online will be transfered to paper tickets for the drawing.  Winners will be notified by email by Feb 20th and posted on this site.  Races will be assigned to winners based on race ranking submitted during ticket purchase starting with the Grand Prize winner and working all the way down to the final winner. It is critical that you submit your race rankings. Entries can be transferred to people other than the prize winner. Those winning the Grand Prize, First or Second can only win once, others may win up to 3 races. Due to the fact that some races are a short time after the Destin 50, please ensure you have submitted your correct contact info and ranking choices! 100% of proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. 

We are not responsible if a race is canceled.  All these entries have been personally donated by the race directors of each event and they are responsible for the execution of their events.

Questions: email

  -Outrun 24 Hour Trail 2013 (Kirtland, OH, Apr 27) 

Destin Beach Ultra Runs-Destin, Florida-Feb 15, 2015

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