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Frequently asked questions

Why did you change your name from the Destin 50?

With the addition of our 24hr run, we decided to take the chance to update our name to include races of various distances.  The name and logo are the only thing that have changed from the Destin 50 that you know and love! 

How does the Special Operations Warrior Foundation compare to other charities?

 The SOWF is rated in the top few percent of all charities in the United States.  According to Charity Navigator the SOWF scores 68.86 out of 70 points in financial management, transparency, and accountability.  Compare this with 53.37 points for the Wounded Warrior Project.  See full details at Charity Navigator.

Where do you go to the bathroom? Why are they so are off course?

We should probably make this the #1 questions. There are permanent restrooms or porta poties at every aid station and several points between aid stations.  Due to laws, we are not allowed to have porta-poties on the beach, so it is going to be a short jog off the beach to all the restrooms. In some places it is a good distance to get off the beach.  We will have volunteers to direct people to all restrooms at the aid stations and attempt to mark the ones without aid stations. No mountains on this course, but it's a little more difficult to use the bathroom.

How do I change from 50 miles to 50K

You can only change from the 50 mile to the 50K BEFORE noon on Sat of race weekend.  There will be no race day changes!

How does the team relay work?

The teams can be made up of anywhere between 2-4 persons.  Any mix of genders is also acceptable. Team legs are lengths of 4.6, 5.4, 5, 5, 5.4, 4.6, 3.5, 4.5, 4, 4.5, 3.5 miles and you have the chance to switch runners at each aid station. Your team members can divide the legs among your members however you want. For instance team member #1 can run only 3.5 miles if the rest of the members want to run farther. Team must provide their own transportation to/from aid stations.

Is there anywhere to shower after our race?

Yes, Tops'l Resort has offered the use of their Fitness Center showers if you would like to clean up after your run and stick around for the post-party.  Also look into getting a room for your group at Tops'l Resort and having your own shower at the start/finish! 

How much camber does the shoreline impose? Are you running at a sharp angle most of the 50m?

 If you run in the hard sand by the water there will be some slope, going from very minor to uncomfortable. The first 30 miles the tide will be pretty low and the slope is not too bad at all most of the time. The last 20 miles does have a few places with an annoying slope, but it not awful overall. We had lots of folks who didn't train at all on the beach run the whole 50m and didn't have any issues with it last year. 

How are you going to improve from the 2013 race for 2014?

For 2014 there will be some new additions that we hope improve the race.  Below are just a few of the big improvements.

1) Time reservations for the pasta dinner, so not everyone shows up at once

2) Easier to identify finish line

3) Will attempt to post results at the finish line every few hours

4) More beer.....

What is the weather going to be like?

Average temps in Feb are lows in the 40's and highs in the 60's...perfect running temps.  For the 2011 race the high was 73 degrees (record high for that day) and a low of 53 degrees.  In 2012 it was cooler 45-64 with strong winds.                 .

What is this post-race party all about?

We have teamed up with Funky Blues Shack to "Bring Funky's to the Beach"!  This means great local bands jamming out all afternoon on the pool deck, free food for our runners (on sale for others), and of course some great beers being poured.  We will cap it all off with awards at 7pm! Did we mention there is a heated pool and hottub right beside the bands?!?!?

What makes your aid stations so special?

I love to answer this question because it lets me brag about our amazing aid stations sponsors.  Each of our aid stations is catered by a local restaurant or chef. This means each station will have the basic ultra fare AND an exciting choice or two unique to that restaurant.  Our 50 mile runners can look forward to having entire restaurants worth of food and drink at their fingertips as our last few aid stations are located AT the restaurants! Your crews will love them too!

Are barefoot runners welcome?

Absolutely! The soft, clean sand on this course is perfect for barefoot runners.  Vibram Five Fingers are also great (that's what I usually wear when I run on the course).  We had great feedback from our 2011 barefoot runners! Even had a few overall and division winners wear Fivefingers!

Is TOPS'L really the best place to stay for the race?

Yes. TOPS'L is located at the registration/start/finish location.  They have everything from a one-room studio (basic hotel type room) to amazing 4-bedroom condos to stand-alone houses with private swimming pools on site.  If you your price range is sold out at TOPS'L, the ResortQuest discount code can also be used at any other ResortQuest properties in the area.  Be sure to check out the Room & Run Packages.  The Destin 50 team worked hard with ResortQuest to offer you the rock bottom price on Tops'l rooms and race entry fees!

Is the race really going be run in the sand?

Yes, the entire race will be in the sand.  Some of the sand is like a hard dirt road and some of it is soft/deep.  The sand closer to the water is consistently firm, but you might get your feet wet.

Can I wear shoes?

Yes, you can wear whatever you want or nothing at all (on your feet)!

I don't have a crew, will there be bag drops?

Yes, we will transport a bag for you to the far east and/or far west aid station and back at the race conclusion.  You can leave a drop bag for yourself at the start/finish area.  *Race will not be held responsible for lost items.

How do I train for a 50 mile race?

This Runner's World article is a good place start:,7120,s6-238-244--7556-0,00.html

Also a variety of opinions can be found here:

Destin Beach Ultra Runs-Destin, Florida-Feb 15, 2015

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